Safety and Training

Safety in every phase of our work is an integral part of the Patriot Restoration culture.

Patriot Restoration embraces a culture of safety through ongoing training and oversight. Safety, like every other facet of a project, is pre-planned. By identifying potential problems in the planning stages, accidents are minimized, and projects run smoothly. Our workers are trained on the safety equipment used on projects and the appropriate regulations inherent in our work. We continuously look for initiatives and training opportunities for our team, ensuring they remain up-to-date on OSHA regulations and our industries’ best practices. As a result, we are proud of our industry-leading Experience Modification Rate (EMR).

Patriot Restoration is fully bonded and insured. We work with our insurers and risk management experts to ensure safety remains at the forefront of each project we undertake. Safety is a core value of Patriot, and our history of making it a priority has embedded these values in our people.