Concrete Repair and Restoration

Complete concrete restoration for commercial properties, parking structures and plaza decks.

The proper restoration of existing concrete structures is vital in maintaining their long-term use and safety. At Patriot Restoration, we understand how to provide concrete restoration services that address the structural and architectural repair needs of commercial buildings, parking structures, and plaza decks. Our team provides a professional assessment for each project and defines the repairs needed to complete the restoration and extend the structure’s life. We understand the negative impact that restoration projects can have on surrounding businesses and homes. Throughout the process, Patriot works to limit the impact restoration work has on tenants and companies’ day-to-day operations.

Concrete Services

  • Concrete Repair and Replacement
  • Parking Structure Rehabilitation
  • Parking Deck Restoration
  • Structural Repairs & Shoring Systems
  • Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic Coating Systems
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Applications and Systems
  • Epoxy and Urethane Grout Injection
  • Expansion Joint Systems