Masonry Preservation and Restoration

Patriot Restoration’s Historical Services Division have a long history of expertise in preserving treasured buildings.

As buildings age, the materials used in construction will eventually begin to break down. Even our most iconic buildings are susceptible to the elements and movement of time. The deterioration of a building’s façade can pose comfort and safety concerns and ultimately impact the property’s value. Patriot Restoration provides a range of masonry restoration and preservation services, all designed to repair, maintain, and enhance the value of historical or commercial properties. Working closely with property owners and building managers, Patriot develops the optimal restoration plan for every masonry project. Our staff then follows that plan to completion, performing all repairs using the most up-to-date methods and employing best practices for safety—all while delivering the project on time and budget.

Masonry Services

  • Building Facade Repair
  • Brick and Stone Tuckpointing
  • Structural Steel Repair and Lintel Replacement
  • Throughwall Flashing Repair
  • Stone Repair, Restoration, Replacement & Fabrication
  • Swing Staging, Mastclimber & Access Specialists.
  • Expansion Joint System Repair
  • Flashing Systems
  • Repointing
  • Sealing