The Repair and Restoration of Building Envelopes

Addressing the needs of each building’s barrier between the interior and exterior environments.

The building envelope, which includes the walls, windows, roof, and foundation, is constantly at odds with their environment. Weather, moisture, and pollutants play a key factor in the deterioration of every structure and its building material over time. Patriot Restoration addresses all the repairs and restoration needed to extend the life of your building.

Patriot Restoration delivers peace of mind knowing that the maintenance and restoration of your property’s exterior are being handled by true craftsmen to preserve, repair, and restore all areas of the building envelope. Patriot offers a comprehensive range of services to extend the structure’s life and ensure all comfort and safety issues are addressed. Our Building Envelope services address the needs of masonry, concrete exterior walls, curtain walls, balconies, insulation finishing systems, windows, and building hardscapes.


  • Masonry repair and replacement
  • Ornate limestone repair
  • Curtainwall systems
  • Windows and Doors
  • Roof systems
  • Structural repairs