Complex restoration of Parris Landing garage nears completion

Parking garage remained operational throughout the project

Patriot Restoration is nearing completion on the extremely complex and challenging restoration of the three-level parking garage at the Parris Landing Condominium complex in the Navy Yard section of Boston. The project required the demolition, removal, and replacement of over 70 precast planks of varying lengths–some as long as 30 feet and weighing up to a ton. Demolishing the structural members scheduled for replacement without damaging any of the adjoining planks added to the complexity of the project.

The project demanded extreme accuracy both in field measuring and coordinating delivery of the replacement planks. Installing new planks was a very complex operation. Patriot Restoration’s team moved the replacement planks into the existing parking garage then met the challenge of mechanically raising each plank from below to fit into place. Patriot field management had to invent a raising mechanism to maneuver the extremely large and heavy planks into position, and met the challenge of installing each plank with less than inches to spare on either side. Once the new precast structural planks were positioned, reinforcing steel had to be installed before a concrete topping slab was poured to the original garage floor level.

This was difficult, demanding and dangerous work, made all the more complex by the necessity of keeping the parking garage operational during the life of the project. The existing concrete decks, after years of traffic wear, were patched, existing coatings were removed down to bare concrete and a waterproof coating was applied. After light- ing repairs and repainting the interior surfaces the parking garage appeared as close to new as possible.