Patriot streamlines the on-going Renew and Refresh program for a condominium complex.

Extensive repairs addressed the waterproofing and overall appearance of property.

Patriot Restoration works with a Boston area condominium complex that includes four buildings, two parking garages, and over 1000 living units, which help maintain the integrity of the structures. As masonry ages, the weather takes a toll on the waterproof integrity and overall appearance of the building’s exterior.

Our program, which includes refreshing one or more sides of the ten-story condo units each year, improves their value and desirability — even the quality of life for the residents.

The managers of this five-unit, 10-story buildings and two parking garage condominium-complex had, for many years, been contracting with various restoration contractors with less than satisfactory results. Having suffered through deficient work and repairs that rapidly deteriorated, they learned the hard way that all contractors are not equal. A solution evolved when Patriot Restoration was engaged to handle the project. Along with the residential structures, the parking garages also needed serious attention after suffering from the effects of weather and road salt. Now periodic garage repairs and refreshes are included in Patriot’s continuous maintenance of this extensive property.

Both managers and residents were so pleased that they were able to finally commit to a contractor to handle their needs year to year. “Patriot is the only contractor we’ve found that delivers excellent quality of work. They consistently stand behind their commitments and care about the needs of our residence. They make an otherwise difficult and time-consuming process easy for us.” stated the condominium manager.