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Robert Stocker

Robert Stocker

General Production Superintendent/Safety Operations Manager

Robert Stocker leads field and safety operations for Patriot Restoration. He has participated in numerous industry safety and quality control programs and implements these programs on the company’s behalf.  Some of Robert’s more notable projects include 55 Cambridge Parkway, St. Mary’s Church, South Station, Avalon Bay Communities, Longwood Towers, 2 Charlesgate West, Wellesley Office Park, Wyeth Research, 28 & 60 State Street.


Robert grew up in the Boston restoration industry. As a young man, working as his father’s apprentice, he participated in the restoration of the Old North Church Steeple. As a result, Robert has over 35 years of hands-on experience restoring and preserving historic landmark properties. In addition, he holds a Construction Supervisors License from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards and numerous other specialty hoisting, rigging, safety, and product application certifications.